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  • "Equipping our students with a higher level of financial literacy is vital… Practical Money Skills for Life is an excellent tool to assist with this effort."

    Martha Cubbage, Nevada Regional Technical Center, Nevada, MO
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Free Materials

These top-quality financial literacy materials, including classroom modules, games, DVDs and brochures, are free and available for access now by all educators, parents and consumers. Click "Download" to download an item, or "Add to Cart" to receive it by mail.


Practical Money Skills for Life DVD
Features expert tools and resources, lesson plans, video games, financial calculators and more.
Marvel's Avengers Saving the Day
An action-packed comic book that teaches kids about budgeting and saving.
Marvel Spider-Man and the Avengers Saving the Day Instruction Guide
An instruction guide for educators to accompany the Marvel comic book, Saving the Day.
Financial Soccer CD
FIFA-branded video game with classroom modules, in English and Spanish.
Financial Football 2.0 CD
NFL-themed video game with classroom modules, in English and Spanish.
Money Metropolis CD
Players ages 7–12 create avatars, complete jobs and save for goals in this multi–dimensional video game.
Peter Pig's Money Counter CD
Teaches kids 4–7 to recognize, sort and count coins. Includes fun facts about U.S. currency.
Practical Money Guides:
Complete Set

Covers all of the personal finance basics in six guides.
Practical Money Guide:
Budget Basics

How to create and stick to a budget–and live within your means.
Practical Money Guide:
Credit Card Basics

About everything from choosing a credit card, to managing your accounts responsibly.
Practical Money Guide:
Credit History

Explains what is included in your credit history, and how it can affect you.
Practical Money Guide:
Debit Card Basics

Covers the essentials of having a debit card and using it wisely.
Practical Money Guide:
Identity Theft

Features tips on protecting your identity and your finances.
Practical Money Guide:
Prepaid Card Basics

How prepaid cards work and how they can benefit cardholders.
What's My Score Money 101 Presenters Guide
Guide for presenters of the Money 101 curriculum for college students.
What's My Score Money 101Student Workbook
A workbook to accompany the personal finance crash course for college students.
What's My Score Money 101 PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint presentation of the personal finance course for college students.
What's My Score Money 101 Flash Presentation
Flash presentation of the personal finance course for college students.
Take Control of Your Credit Score
A college student's guide to mastering your credit score.
Kids Money Guide
Fun lessons for kids on saving and spending.
50 Ways to Love Your Money
Personal finance tips for consumers over 50.
Financial Literacy for Everyone Brochure
An overview of Visa's financial literacy efforts.
What Women Need to Know About Retirement E-Book
Smart financial basics and tips just for women.
Credit Score Brochure
Find out what a credit score is, why it's important and how to maintain yours.
What Women Need to Know About Retirement
Features tips and resources on retirement, just for women.
Your Digital Dollars: Online and Mobile Banking Classroom Module
Complete module for adults with lesson plan, activities and brochures.
Your Digital Dollars: Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments Brochure
Brochure outlining how to make secure financial transactions on the go.
Your Digital Dollars: Safety and Privacy in Online and Mobile Transactions Brochure
Learn how to protect your identity when banking or paying digitally.
Your Digital Dollars: Banking Online Safely Brochure
A guide to protecting your identity and accounts while banking by computer.